If you’re a music buff, chances are that you stream your favorite songs from Apple Music. For every artist, Apple Music, with its audience base in over 167 countries serves as a great platform.

To increase your reach and garner success on this platform, you will have to focus on the discoverability aspect. 

That’s where Apple Music QR Code comes in. It can help artists or podcasters acquire audience easily.  

Wondering why? Well, because:

  • QR Codes are quick and easy to scan, making them an easy way to take people to your songs, albums, or podcasts
  • They can be placed on both physical and digital assets to create a seamless user experience

By the end of this article, you’ll discover all about the Apple Music QR Code and more!

A. What is an Apple Music QR Code

Apple Music QR Code

An Apple Music QR Code helps you promote or share content on the Apple Music streaming service. 

When scanned, the QR Code directs the user to a specific song, album, playlist, or artist page on Apple Music.

Artists may use it to promote a new album. They can do so by placing it on posters, merchandise, or social media posts. 

Fans can then scan the Code to quickly access the album on Apple Music without having to search for it manually.

They can easily be created using Apple’s marketing tools. Also, they can be customized to match the branding of the content being promoted.

B. How to get an Apple Music QR Code

Apple Music QR Code

Now that you know about the Apple Music QR Code, you want one for yourself, right?

You can get one easily. Just visit Apple’s marketing tools and follow these steps:

  • From the search box find songs, albums, or artists
  • Once done, select your desired content, and scroll down to access the QR Code
  • The QR Code can further be customized with the colors and icons
  • Finally, download your Apple Music QR Code

If you’re looking to use this QR Code for basic purposes, it’s more than enough for you.

But, if you’re a professional marketer or someone who wants more from a QR Code, you can consider a dynamic QR Code.

Read the next section to know more!

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

C. Reasons to use a dynamic QR Code

A dynamic QR Code has several capabilities that sets it apart from a static QR Code offered by Apple. Here are all the features that you can take advantage of.

1. Editable

A dynamic QR Code can be edited and updated at any time, even after it has been printed or distributed.

This means that you can change the information or content that the QR Code links to without having to reprint it.

2. Analytics

Dynamic QR Codes can be tracked and analyzed to measure their effectiveness. 

You can see details such as:

  • How many times the QR Code has been scanned
  • Where and when it was scanned
  • Which devices was used to scan it 
  • Which browsers have been used

This data can help you understand your audience and improve your marketing efforts.

3. Security

Dynamic QR Codes can be password-protected, which adds an extra layer of security to your content. 

This is particularly useful if the QR Code contains sensitive information or if you want to restrict access to certain people.

4. Customizable

Dynamic QR Codes can be customized to match your brand or design. You can change the colors, add a logo or image, and even create a custom landing page for the code.

Now that you know why it could make sense to use an advanced dynamic QR Code, let’s see how to create one.

D. How to create a dynamic QR Code

To do the needful, you’ll need a professional QR Code generator. Using Scanova’s QR Code Generator tool, here’s how to create your Apple Music QR Code.

  1. Open your preferred browser and log on to Scanova’s website
  2.  When the page finishes loading, select your preferred QR Code category.

    For example, to add a website link, select Website URL. For this demo, let’s create a Website URL
  1. Add the Apple Music link you want to take the end users to on scanning the QR Code. When done, click Continue
  1.  You need to name your Apple Music QR Code on the following page. Here, the Dynamic selection is made by default
  1.  Next, you’ll see a QR Code image on the right with the Edit Design option under it. It’ll help you customize the QR Code design. You can add a logo, color, or background image
  1. Click on Update Changes after finalizing the design. Once you are done, click on Download  to get your QR Code
  1. A pop-up box will appear asking you to do a quick sign-up. Fret not, you won’t have to give away your credit card details
  1.  Once the signup is done, click on Download again
  1. A pop-up will appear. Enter the size and format of the QR Code image to proceed
  1. Once done, click Export

That’s it, you’re now ready with your Apple Music QR Code. Make sure you test it out before sharing it with the world.

E. Who can take advantage of Apple Music QR Code generator

An Apple Music QR code generator can benefit a variety of individuals and businesses, including:

1. Musicians and Bands


Musicians and bands can use an Apple Music QR Code to promote their

  • Albums
  • Singles
  • Playlists on social media
  • Flyers 
  • Posters
  • Other promotional materials.

    This can help fans easily discover and listen to their music on Apple Music.

2. Event Organizers


Event organizers can use them for their upcoming events. It may help share the playlist or songs with attendees or promote the music played at the event.

3. DJs


DJs can use Apple Music QR Codes to share their latest mixes or playlists with fans on social media or through flyers, posters, or event pages.

4. Music Teachers

Music teachers can use Apple Music QR Codes to share playlists, recommend songs, or suggest albums to enhance music lessons.

5. Businesses

Businesses that use music to create a particular atmosphere or to promote products can create Apple Music QR Codes.

It will direct customers to playlists or songs that enhance their experience in-store or online.

In summary, these QR Codes are valuable for promoting and sharing music recommendations.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

Summing Up

With increased competition from various artists on different streaming platforms, it is important to stand out and make a name for yourself.

Apple Music holds over 15% of the market share when it comes to the streaming services. To gain new audience and market yourself as an artist, a dynamic QR Code does the job for you.

If you’re still reading, you’ve learned everything about Apple Music QR Code. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.