Dynamic QR Codes

Create advanced QR Codes that are editable and trackable

The old way

Static QR Codes will always redirect to specified link

Static QR Codes show one time content on user's smartphone on scanning

The new way

Dynamic QR Codes allow editing of linked content anytime

Scanova feature Dynamic QR Codes help in showing multiple content on user's smartphone on scanning

Marketers love Dynamic QR Codes

The best marketers worldwide use Dynamic QR Codes on print promotions to gain flexibility and save printing costs


Gain control of your QR Codes

With Dynamic QR Codes, you get the flexibility to manage what your customers see and view what they do

Editable Content

Edit QR Code URL anytime to show dynamic content and save printing costs

Scanova feature Dynamic QR Codes help in showing multiple content on user's smartphone on scanning
Laptop screen showing dynamic QR Code scans by number, geography and device with Scanova feature Scan Tracking

Scan Tracking

Only Dynamic QR Codes allow tracking number of scans—by date, geography, and device

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Activate-deactivate Dynamic QR Codes anytime as per your campaign needs

QR Code image with toggle button to activate-deactivate Scanova Dynamic QR Code
Customized short URL audience sees on scanning Scanova Dynamic QR Code

Custom URLs

Customize the short URL your audience sees when they scan a Dynamic QR Code

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A Dynamic QR Code is encoded with a Scanova short URL (e.g., https://scnv.io/abcd) called the redirecting URL. This URL redirects to the URL of your choice—called the target URL. When a user scans a Dynamic QR Code, they first see the redirecting URL. With Scanova, it is possible to customize the URL hash (e.g., https://scnv.io/mycampaign) or customize the entire domain (e.g., https://campaign.mywebsite.com/abcd). This allows you to maintain company branding and use Dynamic QR Code features at the same time.


Add password-protection to your QR Code to share confidential data with authorized audience only

QR Code image with lock to password protect Scanova Dynamic QR Code
Mobile screen showing landing page requesting contact details of potential leads after scanning Scanova QR Code

Lead Generation

Only Dynamic QR Codes allow you to setup Lead Generation that helps capture leads from QR Code scans

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Landing Pages

With Dynamic QR Codes you can create and customize mobile landing pages for your promotional campaigns

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Landing Pages

Most QR Codes can be dynamic

Scanova offers multiple types of QR Codes that can be Dynamic

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