Dynamic QR Codes

Create advanced QR Codes that are editable and trackable using the best Dynamic QR Code Generator

The old way

Static QR Codes will always redirect to specified link

Static qr code redirecting to a single target link shown in mobile screen

The new way

Dynamic QR Codes allow editing of linked content anytime

Two mobile screens depicting on how QR Code embedded content can be changed anytime using a Dynamic QR Code feature

Marketers love Dynamic QR Codes

The best marketers worldwide use Dynamic QR Codes on print promotions to gain flexibility and save printing costs


Gain control of your QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code allows you to manage what your customers see and track what they do

Flexible Content Editing

Modify linked content as many times as needed and save printing expenses

A Dynamic qr code on a can linked to different content showing its Editibility feature
A Laptop screen showing tracking feature offered in Dynamic QR Code category

Dynamic QR Code Tracking

Monitor scan metrics by date, time, location, device, browser, and OS for informed decision-making

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Campaign Control

Activate-deactivate Dynamic QR Codes anytime as per your campaign needs

A QR Code showing on/off explaining how a user can enable/disable it anytime
Add a custom-domain shorten URL for branding

Custom URLs

Customize the short URL your audience sees when they scan a Dynamic QR Code

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A Dynamic QR Code is encoded with a Scanova short URL (e.g., https://scnv.io/abcd) called the redirecting URL. This URL redirects to the URL of your choice—called the target URL. When a user scans a Dynamic QR Code, they first see the redirecting URL. With Scanova, it is possible to customize the URL hash (e.g., https://scnv.io/mycampaign) or customize the entire domain (e.g., https://campaign.mywebsite.com/abcd). This allows you to maintain company branding while using a Dynamic QR Code.

Enhanced Security

Incorporate password protection, ensuring secure sharing with authorized recipients

QR code with a chain and lock showing scanova's password protected qr feature
Mobile screen showing lead generation feature of dynamic qr codes

Lead Generation

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to capture leads from QR Code scans

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Tailored Mobile Landing Pages

Develop and link personalized mobile landing pages for targeted engagement

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Three mobiles showing different landing pages linking feature of scanova

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