QR Code for Instagram

With number of active daily users reaching a whopping 400 million in 2017, Instagram is quite a popular social media platform. Of the 400 million, 59% are between 18 to 29.

The rising popularity of this image sharing app opened a new channel for marketers to engage young audience.

Statistics from early 2017 show that 28% marketers used Instagram as part of their marketing mix. Another report estimates that 70.7% US companies are expected to use Instagram for marketing by the end of 2017.

QR Code For Instagram

If you too are one of these marketers, you need to get your audience to follow you on Instagram.

If print media is a big chunk in your marketing mix, the easiest way to get Instagram followers is to create a QR Code that links to your Instagram page. People can simply scan this QR Code using a scanning app on their smartphone and view your page.

To create a QR Code, here’s what you will need to do:


1. Find the right online QR Code generator:

The first thing you will need to create a QR Code for Instagram is finding the right QR Code generator. A Google search will show you a list of online QR Code generators. You must opt for a generator that allows you to:

Customise the QR Code design

QR Code for Instagram

Track scan activity—View number of scans, scans by city/country, and scans by device. This will help marketers understand how effective their campaigns have been

Both these features will be available in advanced QR Code generators (such as Scanova).

2. Create a QR Code for Instagram

There are two ways to create and share a QR Code for Instagram:

a. Create a webpage QR Code
b. Create a Social Media QR Code

QR Code for Instagram

a. Webpage QR Code

A webpage or URL QR Code allows you to link a web page’s URL in a QR Code. On scanning this QR Code, users are directed to the website.

You can simply login to your Instagram page on your desktop and copy the URL of your Instagram page. You can then add this link to a URL QR Code.

See how you can create a URL QR Code.

b. Social Media QR Code

Most companies have profiles on multiple social networking sites. Instead of creating a QR Code for Instagram only, you can create a Social Media QR Code to share links to all your social media profiles.

With a Social Media QR Code (by Scanova), you can share links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, and your website.

You will simply need the URLs of each page to create this QR Code.

Read Social Media QR Code: Increase your following on all platforms

Once you’ve created your Instagram QR Code or Social Media QR Code, you can simply add it to print media creatives and start getting followers.

Create your first QR Code

Create a visually-appealing and dynamic Instagram QR Code to increase followers.
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