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QR Code T-shirt: 3 Things to Know Before Creating One

QR Code T-shirts can be used for marketing campaigns or simply to make boring t-shirts more interactive. You too are probably looking to make your own QR Code T-shirt.

Before you create one, there are a few of things you must know so that your QR Code T-shirt does not turn out to be a fail.

By the end of this article, you learn everything you need to know to create a perfect QR Code T-shirt.

1. Create a Personalized QR Code

The standard black-and-white QR Codes can make your t-shirt look plain. Create personalized QR Codes by adding color, logo, and image. For example, add a company’s logo to a QR Code to customize it to your brand. This QR Code can link to your company’s webpage.

QR Code for Instagram

On a personal front, if you want your proposal to stand out, create a QR Code with your fiance’s image in the background and get it printed on a T-shirt. The QR Code could lead to your favorite song or video.

QR Code T-shirt

Here is how you can create a custom QR Code

2. Type of Content

We change clothes often, why not create a QR Code whose content you can change at anytime? This is possible with a Dynamic QR Code. The QR Code here could quote “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” from the movie Gone with the wind today and “Hasta la vista, baby”’ from the Terminator tomorrow.

Dynamic QR Codes are also useful for marketers who wish to use QR Code T-shirts for their marketing campaigns. You can use the same T-shirts for multiple campaigns. Simply change the content the QR Code links to before each campaign.

Read more about Dynamic QR Codes.

3. Ensure Scannability

With time, it is possible that your T-shirt endures some wear and tear. It is important that your QR Code still remains scannable. Here’s how you can ensure it:

i. Add Error Correction

Adding error correction allows a QR Code to remain scannable even if it has been damaged by upto 30%. This feature is available with some advanced QR Code Generators such as Scanova. While creating a QR Code, simply increase the error correction level to H to ensure maximum scannability.

ii. QR Code Size

To ensure high scannability, it is important that you create the right size of QR Code for your T-shirt. The correct way to do this is to apply a standard rule.

You can read more here: QR Code minimum size

iii. Contrast to T-shirt

It is important that you pick a T-shirt whose color is lighter than your QR Code. The contrast allows the QR Code reader to scan it easily. For example, both standard and colorful QR Codes look and scan best when printed on a white T-shirt. In case you wish to get a QR Code printed on a black T-shirt, ensure the colors are bright and none of the data modules or eye color is black.

iv. QR Code on a Flat Surface

Ensure that the QR Code printed on your T-shirt does not fall on a curved surface. A smartphone QR Code scanner ensures maximum scannability if the QR Code falls on relatively flatter areas of the body.

Once you’ve created your QR Code, download the image in PNG or SVG format, both work best for print. Share the image with the T-shirt printing company of your choice to create you QR Code T-shirt.

The volunteers at ‘Because She Can’ run organised by the authorities in Ethiopia and the Great Ethiopian Run wore QR Code t-shirts. The main aim of QR Codes was to gain followers on Facebook.

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts to create a QR Code T-shirt, create a QR Code for your T-shirt with Scanova.

Create a QR Code for your T-shirt now

Create a fully scannable, visually-appealing, and dynamic QR Code for your T-shirts.
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