Gone are the days when QR Codes were mere functional tools.

Today, they’re artistic canvases, data-rich gateways, and bridges to dynamic experiences. 

From seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms to enhancing data security and revitalizing marketing campaigns, cool QR Codes are driving the forefront of technological evolution.

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A. Some cool QR Codes in action

two people checking out cool qr codes

You might have seen various QR Codes during your lifetime. You might associate them with black-and-white square-based images, right?

Well, there’s more to that. Here are some cool QR Codes for you!

1. Drone QR Codes

a person controlling drones

Sky advertising employs unconventional methods to promote products or services. The captivating visuals projected in the sky captivate viewers, making it an incredibly effective strategy. This is a major contributing factor to the success of such advertising campaigns.

Ultimately, the combination of exciting content and advanced technology is unparalleled in engaging the intended audience. Drones play a significant role in creating popular sky projections such as sky banners, skywriting, and QR Codes.

According to data, drone-based marketing has taken off on a new platform that is visible to all. This growth has propelled the US market from 2.63 billion USD in 2020 to an impressive 12.31 billion USD by 2028. Every reason to include this development in to our list of cool QR Codes.

In 2012, a mere 50 of these aerial devices took flight, resembling a flock of birds. Fast forward to 2022, where thousands of drones collaboratively generate not just visually striking but also functional displays.

It’s no surprise that such sky projections in cities like Shanghai, Miami, and Dallas have garnered significant attention in the news headlines.

2. AI-generated QR Codes

a robot shakes hands with a human

AI-based QR Codes are generated, customized, or enhanced using artificial intelligence technologies. 

Traditional QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store information. These include website URLs, text, contact information, and more. 

AI-based QR Codes are cool QR Codes, that take this concept further by leveraging AI algorithms. AI helps optimize, personalize, or enhance the QR Code’s functionality or appearance.

3. Mosaic QR Codes

a mosaic pattern, which is one of the cool qr codes

It’s something you get when you combine ancient mosaic art with modern QR Code technology. It does make the list of cool QR Codes.

A mosaic QR Code becomes a phygital real estate for the users. It helps them interact with a physical form of art and experience a seamless transition to the digital world.

4. Acrylic QR Codes

an acrylic QR Code, which is one of the cool QR Codes

The concept behind an acrylic QR Code is straightforward. Once you’ve generated your QR Code, you can have it printed on various acrylic materials based on your specific needs. Curious about one of the cool QR Codes?

There are numerous possibilities regarding one of the cool QR Codes. One potential application is to bridge the gap between the tangible and digital realms for your clientele.

With the surge in e-commerce due to the impact of COVID-19, it’s important to note that traditional retail continues to thrive. 

In fact, a trend known as “phygital” retail has emerged, wherein many businesses strive to amalgamate physical and online shopping experiences.

An acrylic QR Code serves as a prime example of this “phygital” asset for your enterprise. It enables your customers to interact with a physical object and subsequently guides them to a virtual space—such as your website.

5. Doorbell QR Code

Doorbell QR Codes merge the ease of conventional doorbells with the adaptability of QR Codes, making this as one of the cool QR Codes.

Functioning as digital markers, these codes can be scanned using a smartphone or QR Code reader, aiming to facilitate entry or offer details pertaining to a doorbell setup.

When approaching a door, individuals equipped with a doorbell QR Code can utilize their smartphone’s camera or a QR Code scanning application to capture the code.

Upon scanning, the QR Code prompts a designated action or provides relevant information to the user.

6. Apple Music QR Code

Using an Apple Music QR Code facilitates the promotion and sharing of content through the Apple Music streaming platform.

Upon scanning, the QR Code guides the user to a designated song, album, playlist, or artist page within Apple Music.

For artists, employing an Apple Music QR Code proves beneficial in promoting a fresh album. This can be accomplished by featuring the QR Code on posters, merchandise, or social media posts.

Subsequently, fans can conveniently scan the QR Code to promptly access the album on Apple Music, circumventing the need for manual searches. This rightly makes it into our list of cool QR Codes.

Apple Music QR Codes are producible using Apple’s marketing tools and offer the flexibility of customization to align with the branding of the content being promoted.

Learn how to design a QR Code

7. Lead magnet QR Code

a lead magnet attracting leads

A “lead magnet QR Code” serves as a tool for attracting potential customers or leads in a marketing context. 

A lead magnet is one of the cool QR Codes, where valuable incentive provided by a business to encourage individuals to share their contact information or interact with the business.

This contact information can then be used to nurture and convert these leads into customers.

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8. Instagram post QR Code

An “Instagram post QR Code” is a QR Code that links directly to a specific Instagram post. 

When scanned, this QR Code takes the user directly to the associated Instagram post. 

Users can then view, like, comment, and engage with the content without having to search for it manually on the Instagram app. This is one of the cool QR Codes for all the social media users.

This type of QR Code can be beneficial for businesses, influencers, and individuals. They can promote their Instagram content in various offline and online settings. 

9. Steam QR Code

The Steam QR Code login enables users to access their Steam accounts securely through the use of a QR Code. This is one of the cool QR Codes for all the gamers out there!

This functionality elevates the login procedure by introducing an extra level of security and ease.

Users are relieved from the need to manually input their username and password, resembling the process of Discord QR Code login.

With the Steam mobile app, individuals can scan a QR Code exhibited on either the Steam website or client, streamlining the login experience.

10. QR Code for boarding pass

a boarding pass for a flight

The notion of incorporating a QR Code onto a boarding pass is fairly straightforward. It does in fact is one of the cool QR Codes that you see in your day-to-day life.

Its purpose is to provide passengers and airlines (or both) with the means to access flight details and additional information.

A QR Code on a boarding pass might encompass details such as:

– Passenger’s full name

– Flight particulars

– Airline identification

– Departure gate details

– Cities of departure and arrival

– Flight identification number

– Departure time

– Boarding time

– Seat allocation

Moreover, the QR Code can potentially contain further information beyond these aspects.

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11. Yelp QR Code

A Yelp QR Code enables your customers to effortlessly share their feedback. This is one of the cool QR Codes for all the business owners.

Your customers won’t need to manually enter your page link. It just takes a simple scan from their smartphones to do the job.

This convenient approach accelerates the process of collecting Yelp reviews. This in turn effectively increases your review count.

B. How to create a QR Code

persons fixing and installing in a household

To create a QR Code, you’ll need a professional QR Code generator. Using Scanova’s QR Code Generator tool, here’s how to create your QR Code.

  1. Open your preferred browser and log on to Scanova’s website
  2.  When the page finishes loading, select your preferred QR Code category.

    For example, to add a website link, select Website URL. For this demo, let’s create a Website URL
  1. Add the web link you want to take the end users to on scanning the QR Code. When done, click Continue
  1.  You need to name your QR Code on the following page. Here, the Dynamic selection is made by default
  1.  Next, you’ll see a QR Code image on the right with the Edit Design option under it. It’ll help you customize the QR Code design. You can add a logo, color, or background image
  1. Click on Update Changes after finalizing the design. Once you are done, click on Download  to get your QR Code
  1. A pop-up box will appear asking you to do a quick sign-up. Fret not, you won’t have to give away your credit card details
  1.  Once the signup is done, click on Download again
  1. A pop-up will appear. Enter the size and format of the QR Code image to proceed
  1. Once done, click Export

That’s it, you’re now ready with your QR Code. Make sure you test it out before sharing it with the world.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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C. How to get creative with QR Codes

A hand holding a bulb coming out of the box

Getting creative with QRs can make them more engaging and visually appealing. 

Here are some ideas to help you make creative QRs:

1. Color and design

  • Experiment with colors: Use a color palette that aligns with your brand or message. Make sure the contrast between the code and background is good for scanning.
  • Add a logo or icon: Embed your logo or a relevant icon into the QR. Ensure it doesn’t interfere with the scannability of the code.

2. Custom shapes

  • Instead of the traditional square, consider creating QRs in custom shapes relevant to your content. However, be cautious as complex shapes may affect scanning reliability.

3. Background imagery

  • Use an image or pattern as the background of your QR. Ensure the QR itself remains scannable by maintaining a clear contrast.

4. Gradient and transparency

  • Apply gradients or transparency to the QR elements. This can give a modern and stylish look.

5. Frame and borders

  • Add a decorative frame or border around the QR Code. Make sure the frame doesn’t obstruct any important parts of the code. This is one of the cool QR Code ideas that you can use.

6. Incorporate artistic elements

  • Create cool QR Codes by integrating artistic elements, such as swirls, waves, or other decorative shapes, around the QR to enhance its visual appeal.

7. Informational QR Codes

  • Use QRs to create visually appealing infographics or visual guides. Each section of the code can represent a different piece of information.

8. Personalization

  • Create cool QR Code designs for individuals by incorporating their names or initials into the code. This can be great for event invitations or business cards.

9. Interactive QRs

  • Create QRs that lead to interactive content, such as a quiz, game, or augmented reality experience.

10. Dynamic QR Codes

  • Use dynamic QRs that allow you to change the destination URL without changing the code itself. This gives you flexibility in updating content.

11. Animated QR Codes

  • Design the coolest QR Codes with subtle animations to grab attention. Be mindful not to overdo it, as it might affect scanning.

12. QR Code mosaics

  • One of the cool QR Code ideas is to create large images or posters made up of numerous smaller QRs, each leading to different content. When viewed from a distance, it forms a larger picture.

D. Creative ways to use QRs for personal use

a man using a tablet device with various icons floating around him

QR Codes can be creatively used for personal purposes in various ways. Here are some ideas:

1. Digital business card

Create a QR that links to a digital business card with your contact information, social media profiles, and portfolio.

2. Personalized gift tags

Attach QRs to gift tags that lead to personalized messages, photos, or videos for the recipient.

3. Scavenger hunt

Design a scavenger hunt using QRs. Each code can provide a clue or lead to the next location, creating an interactive and engaging experience.

4. Recipe cards

Share your favorite recipes by creating QRs that link to online recipe pages or video tutorials.

5. Virtual tour guide

If you’re hosting an event or party at your home, place QRs in different rooms linking to fun facts, anecdotes, or playlists related to that area.


Create personalized bookmarks with QRs that link to your favorite book quotes, author interviews, or additional information about the book.

7. Time capsule messages

Record video messages or write letters to your future self, and create QRs to access these messages later. Scan the code in a few years for a nostalgic experience.

8. Fitness inspiration

Stick QR Codes on your workout equipment or fitness journal that link to motivational quotes, workout videos, or your fitness goals.

9. Digital journal entries

Keep a digital journal and link each entry with a QR. Scan the code to access written reflections, photos, or audio recordings.

10. Memory lane photo album

Create a digital photo album with QRs linking to specific events or memories. Share these codes with friends and family for a trip down memory lane.

11. Resume enhancement

Embed a QR on your physical resume that links to an online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or a video introduction.

12. Wish lists

Generate QRs for items on your wish list. Share these codes with friends and family during special occasions.

13. Emergency information

Create a QR containing important emergency information and store it on your phone or in your wallet. This can be useful in case of an accident.

14. Travel itinerary

Generate QRs for each leg of your travel itinerary. Include details like flight information, hotel reservations, and local attractions.

E. Creative ways to use QRs in business and marketing industries

Creative ways to use QRs in business and marketing industries

QRs can be powerful tools in the business and marketing industries, providing interactive and engaging experiences for customers. 

Here are some creative ways to use QRs in these fields:

1. Mobile coupons

Generate QRs for exclusive discounts or promotions. Customers can scan the code to instantly access the offer on their mobile devices.

2. Interactive product packaging

Place QRs on product packaging that lead to videos, tutorials, or additional product information. This enhances the customer’s experience and provides valuable insights.

3. Event promotion

 Use QRs on event posters, flyers, or tickets to provide quick access to event details, schedules, and online ticket purchasing.

4. Virtual storefronts

Create QR Codes for virtual storefronts that link to an online catalog or e-commerce website. This is especially effective for businesses with limited physical space.

5. Customer feedback surveys

Attach QRs to receipts or product packaging for easy access to customer satisfaction surveys. Offer incentives for completing surveys to encourage participation.

6. Augmented reality experiences

Develop QRs that trigger augmented reality (AR) experiences. This could include product demonstrations, virtual try-ons, or interactive 3D models.

7. Social media engagement

Place QRs on marketing materials linking directly to your social media profiles or specific posts. Encourage customers to follow, share, or engage with your brand online.

8. Product authentication

Embed QRs on product labels for customers to verify the authenticity of their purchase. This adds a layer of trust and helps combat counterfeit products.

9. In-store navigation

Create QRs for in-store navigation, helping customers find specific products, access digital maps, or get information on ongoing promotions.

10. Digital menus

For restaurants or cafes, use QRs on tables that link to digital menus. This allows customers to view the menu on their smartphones and place orders directly.

11. Appointment scheduling

Include QRs on business cards or marketing materials that lead to an appointment scheduling system, making it easy for clients to book services.

12. Customer testimonials

Attach QRs to printed materials showcasing customer testimonials, reviews, or case studies. This builds trust and credibility for your products or services.

13. Membership and loyalty programs

Implement QRs for membership or loyalty programs. Customers can scan to join, track their points, and redeem rewards.

14. Video marketing campaigns

Create QRs for video content related to your marketing campaigns. This could include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with team members, or product demonstrations.

15. Contests and giveaways

Use QRs to drive participation in contests or giveaways. Scanning the code could lead customers to a landing page where they can enter the competition.

F. QR Code best practices

two persons installing lightbulbs

Now that you know how to create a QR Code, here are some best practices you should follow.

1. Purpose and Value

Clearly define the purpose of the QR Code. Ensure that scanning the QR Code provides value to the user. This is one of the ways to make it into the list of cool QR Codes.

2. High-Quality QR Codes

Generate QR Codes in high resolution to ensure they are scannable from various distances and angles. Low-quality QR Codes can be difficult for scanners to read.

3. Error Correction

Choose an appropriate error correction level when generating QR Codes. This helps the code remain scannable even if it’s slightly damaged or partially obscured.

4. Shortened URLs

If your QR code contains a URL, consider using a URL shortening service to create a cleaner, simpler code. This can be particularly helpful for codes displayed in print.

5. Design and Branding

While it’s important to have a visually appealing QR Code, make sure not to compromise its scannability. 

Incorporate your brand’s colors or logo, but ensure that the essential contrast and clarity are maintained for proper scanning.

6. Test Scans

Always test your QR Codes before sharing them. Use various devices and QR Code scanning apps to ensure they work as intended.

7. Clear Instructions

If possible, include clear instructions near the QR Code, especially if the purpose might not be immediately obvious to users.

8. Secure Landing Pages

If your QR Code leads to a website or app, ensure the landing page is secure and free from any malicious content.

9. Code Placement

Display QR Codes in locations where they can be easily scanned without obstructions. Avoid placing them at awkward angles or in areas with poor lighting.

10. Context

Provide context for the QR Code. Let users know what they can expect after scanning the code. This could be a brief description or a call to action. An AI writing assistant can help in crafting a brief description that effectively communicates the main points and calls interested readers to take the next step.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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G. FAQs: Cool QR Codes

1. How do you make a cool QR Code?

Creating creative QR Codes involves selecting a reliable QR generator, customizing the content, and adding design elements while ensuring scannability. 

Opt for brand-aligned colors with good contrast, and experiment with adding a logo or icon within the QR. Modify its shape, style, or transparency for a modern look. 

Integrating a background image or decorative frames can enhance visual appeal, but always test scannability on various devices. Remember, the primary goal is a functional QR that aligns with your brand or purpose.

2. What is a unique QR Code?

A unique QR Code is a customized code that contains distinct information or links to personalized content, serving specific purposes such as individualization, tracking, or security. Unlike generic QRs, these unique codes are often tailored for personalization, tracking campaign effectiveness, providing secure access, and dynamic content updates. 

They are used in various contexts, including personalized marketing, authentication, and membership programs, where each QR holds unique identifiers or content relevant to an individual, ensuring a more targeted and specific user experience.

3. Are QR Codes still cool?

Yes, QR Codes are still considered relevant and widely used. While they may have had periods of varying popularity, their utility and versatility have kept them in use across various industries. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to a resurgence in QR adoption, particularly for contactless transactions, menu access in restaurants, and health-related tracking. 

Additionally, advancements in technology, such as improved smartphone cameras and scanning capabilities, have made QRs more accessible and user-friendly. Businesses and marketers continue to find creative ways to leverage QR Codes for engaging and interactive experiences, suggesting that they remain a valuable tool in the digital landscape.

4. What are some creative use cases of QR Codes?

Creative QR Codes offer a versatile canvas for creative applications across industries. From interactive packaging and virtual business cards to educational materials and personalized gifts, interesting QR Codes have found innovative roles in art exhibitions, travel guides, and escape room experiences. 

Their adaptability is evident in health and fitness plans, where they link to workout videos, as well as in restaurant menus for a contactless dining experience. QRs also enhance event invitations, resume presentations, and product authentication, demonstrating their continued relevance in providing engaging and dynamic user experiences. 

Whether used for audio tours in museums, personalized plant information in gardens, or as clues in escape rooms, QRs remain a powerful tool for delivering additional content, enhancing interactions, and streamlining various processes.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the world of QR Codes is ever-evolving and brimming with creative possibilities. 

These unassuming squares have shown that innovation often thrives in simplicity, enhancing marketing and streamlining experiences.

As we’ve explored the realm of cool QR Codes, we’ve uncovered how they’re no longer just black-and-white patterns. They are the gateways to engaging stories, exclusive content, and seamless interactions.

If you’re still reading, you’ve learned everything about cool QR Codes. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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