You know that QR Codes are a common sight today. Considered as advanced barcodes, they are being used for diverse use cases across different industries.

The major advantage of QR Codes is that they can link unlimited information. That is, you can easily link a webpage to a QR Code. Upon scanning, the end users will be redirected to your webpage where they can access all the information.

But say you do not have a website. And you want to link a large amount of information. How would you do it?

You definitely need a mobile-optimized landing page which allows you to customize the content as you want.

The answer is simple—create a Rich Text QR Code. With this type of QR Code, you can create a custom mobile landing page and link it to a QR Code.

Keep reading to know more.

A. Rich Text QR Code—All you need to know

A Rich Text QR Code links to a landing page provided by the service provider that can host unlimited information. In the landing page that is linked to a QR Code, you can add multiple layers of information such as images, graphics and even videos.

Rich Text QR Code

You can also customize it and make it totally branded. Plus, you can choose from various formatting options such as:

1. Text

  • Add a title, subtitle, and body to your content
  • Write in bold text, italics, and highlight the text. Plus, you can write in superscript, subscript, and strikethrough on the dashboard
  • Choose a font family that suits your purpose best
  • Customize font size. That is, you can select from a range of 8-36
  • Choose a foreground or a background color for the text
  • Can align the text with numbers or bullets
  • Choose how to align a paragraph on the dashboard

2. Image

  • Add an image to your text. You can either upload it by choosing a file or simply paste the image URL


  • Customize line height by choosing from a range of 1.0-3.0
  • Insert a table and define the number of rows and columns you need
  • Insert a link. You can also define whether to open the link in the same window or other window
  • View and customize HTML code of the landing page

So with Rich Text QR Code, you can practically create a custom-designed webpage for your purpose.

Now, let’s go ahead to show some applications where Rich Text QR Code can be used.

B. Use Cases of Rich Text QR Code

You can use a rich text QR Code in the following applications:

1. Product packaging

QR Code on product packagings

It is very important to provide detailed information about the product to your customers. This will ensure full transparency. But due to limited printing, you are able to provide information selectively.

By creating Rich Text QR Code, you can provide unlimited information. For example, you can provide information such as ingredients used, terms and conditions, and precautions to be taken while handling the product.

You just need to encode these details in on the landing page, which links to a QR Code. And then print the QR Code on product packaging.

2. Document preparation and sharing

Share documents with rich text QR Code

To prepare a document, you generally create a word document, a Google Doc, or even a PDF. Plus, to share a soft copy, you email it to your friends.

And many-a-time you do not have the email addresses of people. Plus sharing the document one-by-one is really tedious.

With Rich Text QR Code, you can encode the content directly on the landing page linked to the QR Code. And easily share this QR Code with concerned people. End users just need to scan the QR Code to view the content.

3. Product catalogue

product catalogue

You can place a Rich Text QR Code against each product in your catalogue. This can be to show details such as additional information and images

For example, to make book search easier, you can place a Rich Text QR Code against every book name in the library book catalogue. Here, you can add the book image, contact information, and the link of e-book on the landing page, which is linked to the QR Code.

4. Worker information

QR Codes in engineering: Identify workers

In fields such as engineering and construction, the contractor needs information on workers to assign relevant jobs. This includes details such as their contact information, skill set, and level of training.

But it is difficult to get information on-the-spot. So, you can encode this information on the landing page, which is linked to a Rich Text QR Code. And place this QR Code on helmets which the engineers wear. The contractor just needs to scan the QR Code and get all the information handy.

5. Personalized Card

Personalize gifts with QR Codes

You can also create a personalized card with Rich text QR Code. You can add a custom text, insert some special images, or add a link too. Then, you can then print and paste this QR Code on a card. 

Upon scanning, your loved ones will be able to feel the flush of love. Imagine how special will they feel!

Here is a detailed guide on QR Codes on personalized cards. 

6. Library Catalogue

library catalogue

Finding a book manually from a library catalogue is really time consuming. You can use QR Codes in the library catalogue to make it more actionable.

In the QR Code, you can link book information, image, and it’s physical location in the library. And print this QR Code against each book name in the catalogue. For this purpose, you can create a Rich Text QR Code. Upon scanning, the end users will immediately get the details they need. 

7. Smart menus

QR Code-based menu

Given the COVID-19 pandemic situation, going contactless is the norm. As the situation normalizes and restaurants open, it is very important to take care of customer safety and hygiene. 

Customers will be apprehensive of touching any foreign object such as a menu. With a Rich Text QR Code, you can make your menu completely contactless. 

You just need to link your menu to a QR Code. Your customers just need to scan the QR Code with their smartphone to access the menu, with absolutely zero physical contact. 

Here’s a complete guide on QR Codes in menu. 

So, these were some of the applications where a Rich Text QR Code can be used. You can also create one to show your work portfolio, assignments, and resume.

And by creating a Rich text QR Code, you can also track the scanning activity. That is, you can get data based on date, district, city, brower, and appliance from where the QR Code was scanned.

And in order to know how to create a Dynamic Rich Text QR Code, you need an best QR Code generator tool, which has this feature such as Scanova.

C. How to create Rich Text QR Code

In this article, we will use Scanova for demo purposes. You just need to follow some simple steps:

1. Go to Scanova QR Code Generator and ‘Sign Up’ for a 14-day free trial.

2. On the page you land, select the category of Rich Text QR Code.

3. A window will pop up prompting you to name the QR Code. Since Rich Text QR Codes are dynamic in nature, you can also avail the following features:

  • Password protection: You can add a password to your QR Code and share it with only the people you want to
  • GPS location: By enabling this feature, you can get the exact GPS location of each scan

Once specified, click on Next.

4. Now, you will be landed on Rich Text landing page editor. Here, you can add and format text. Plus, use other features. Once you have added the content, click on Create QR Code

5. You can now choose from three design options:

  • Standard: By clicking on this option, you can create simple black-and-white QR Codes
  • Custom with logo: In this option, you can customize your QR Code by adding a logo. You can also change background color and change the pattern and color of eyes and data modules
  • Custom with background: In this option, you can choose to place a semi-transparent QR Code on top of a background image

If your use case is promotional such as product packaging, you should customize your QR Code. Custom-designed QR Codes attract 50-200% more scans as compared to plain black-and-white.

Once finalized the design, click on Update and Download your QR Code.

6. A window will pop up. Here, specify the image format and size. Once specified, click on Save.

Your Rich Text QR Code will be generated.

a. How to track QR Code activity

Track scanning activity

You can track the scanning activity in the Analytics section of your dashboard. Here, you will get analytical data on how well your QR Code campaign performed.

In order to know more about it, you can refer to this detailed guide.

This way, you can easily create a Rich Text QR Code. That easy to create a landing page without a developer!

Now as you go ahead to create Rich Text QR Code, there are some things you should keep in mind to create QR Codes flawlessly. In the next section, we will detail exactly this.

D. QR Code—Best Practices

Here are some best practices, which you should follow while creating QR Codes:

1. Add design

By adding design to your QR Code, you can make it completely personalized. And if your use case is promotional, then customize your QR Code. Here QR Codes act as a point-of-engagement and attract more scans.

Add help note to QR Code on brochures

Here is another thing you should keep in mind: While adding background color, make sure that there is enough contrast between the background color and data modules. This will ensure proper scannability of the QR Code.

2. Export in vector format

Vector format images are high resolution images. They generally come in PDF, EPS, SVG, and PS format.

These images do not pixelate when scaled. And keep their quality intact. Plus, you can edit a vector image whenever you want.

For more information, you can refer to this detailed guide on vector images.

So, you just read a complete guide on Rich Text QR Code. Create a landing page with Rich Text QR Code now and easily display your content.

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