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Create editable and trackable QR Codes for your print media campaigns

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Create smart campaigns with dynamic QR Codes

Edit target URL anytime

Edit the QR Code URL without changing the QR Code on you material

Track scanning activity

Track scans by time, geography, device, and operating system

Activate/Deactivate QR Code anytime

Export analytics report in PDF or analytics data in CSV for reporting or further analysis

Add custom redirection URL or domain

Redirection link of the dynamic QR Code is a customized short URL or your own domain URL

Create dynamic QR Codes to manage content on your print material

Save Printing Costs

No need to reprint your material when you change the target URL

Optimize Conversion Rate with Analytics

Dynamic QR Codes are trackable. Get analytics on scanning activity

Run Dynamic Campaigns

Run interactive campaigns with dynamic content using a single QR Code

Ensure Content is Relevant

Update content with time without changing the QR Code to maintain relevancy

Scanova Subscription Plans and Pricing


$9 per month

(billed annually)

  • Upto 5 QR Codes
  • Ready-to-use Mobile Landing Pages
    (with 'Powered by Scanova' footer)
  • Email Support
  • Lite Features
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Dynamic/Editable QR Codes
  • Designer QR Codes
  • Raster and Vector Export
  • Basic Analytics
  • No Ads


$35 per month

(billed annually)

  • Upto 20 QR Codes
  • Ready-to-use Mobile Landing Pages
    (with 'Powered by Scanova' footer)
  • Email + Phone Support
  • Standard Features
  • All Lite Features
  • Custom URL Hash
  • Password Protected Codes
  • Save Design Templates
  • Full Analytics
  • Analytics Export & Report
  • Integration with Google Analytics


$75 per month

(billed annually)

  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Ready-to-use Mobile Landing Pages
    (No Scanova branding)
  • Relationship Manager
  • Pro Features
  • All Standard Features
  • Campaign Management
  • 5 Custom Short URLs
  • Multi-User Access (10 Users)

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