QR Code Tracking & Analytics

Track the scanning activity of your QR Codes to get meaningful insights and build reports

Experience the power of analytics

Get a 360-degree view of scanning activity with Scanova's advanced QR Code tracking features

Visual depicting bar graphs. Using analytics feature is simple.

Easy setup

Simply generate Dynamic QR Codes to automatically start tracking QR Code scans

Person monitoring scans data.

Monitor the scans on your QR Code & more

Get data on the number of scans by date, day, time, city, country, type of device, browser, operating system, and handset

Get GPS location of scanning device.

Track scans by exact GPS location

With user's permission, get the exact GPS location of each scanning device

Track clicks and engagement rates easily.

Event tracking

Utilize this feature to monitor clicks and engagement rates for actionable elements like buttons, as well as for various landing pages such as custom pages, product pages, business card profiles, and pages comprising social media links.

Export scans data in a format of your choice.

Export scans data

Export aggregate or scan-level data in either CSV or Excel format for efficient analysis and reporting

Receive analytics reports as per your convenience—monthly, weekly, or daily.


Get analytics data via regular reports directly in your email inbox, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic planning

Integrate analytics data with tools like Google Analytics, Zapier, Webhooks, and more.

Seamless integration

Get all your analytics data in one place with either Google Analytics or Webhooks integration. When a QR Code is scanned, you can use webhooks and an integration service provider like Zapier to send the scan data (date, time, location, etc.) to any compatible app such as Google Sheets, Kissmetrics, Slack, etc.

User analyzing tag, user, and category level data.

Tag-level analytics

Ensure proper classification with tags. Get report and analytics data at tag, user, and category levels.

User going through analytics and scan tracking data.

End-user tracking

Enabling this option only maps data recorded via different features with the end-user's permission. It allows you to link a unique tracking ID across multiple features such as Scan Tracking & Analytics, Lead Generation, Custom Form, and Exact GPS Location.

Sample analytics data

What you see is what you get

  • analytics-sample-0
  • analytics-sample-1
  • analytics-sample-2
  • analytics-sample-3
  • analytics-sample-4
  • analytics-sample-5
  • analytics-sample-6
  • analytics-sample-7
  • analytics-sample-8
  • analytics-sample-9
  • analytics-sample-10
  • analytics-sample-11
  • analytics-sample-12
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