Custom QR Codes

Create personalized QR Codes to attract more scans from your target audience, without a graphic designer

Multiple Design Options

Choose between Custom Logo Design, Custom Background Design, and AI-Generated Design options

Custom Logo Design

Create a branded QR Code by customizing the colors, eye patterns, logo, data patterns, image, and more

Customize a QR code with custom brand logo showcasing the feature of adding logos to QR codes for enhanced brand visibility.

Add a logo or text to personalize your QR Code

Custom QR code with a 'Scan Me' frame, showing feature to add appealing frames directly for better presentation.

Enclose your QR Codes in visually appealing frames to create Frame QR Codes

Custom QR code with transparent background, suitable for seamless integration into various designs and marketing materials.

Make background transparent

Customize a QR code with editable eye shape, data, and background colours to enhance visual appeal and match brand aesthetics.

Edit eye, data, and background colors for visual appeal

See Custom Logo Design QR Codes in action

Custom Background Design

Merge a semi-transparent QR Code on top of an existing image

Motorcycle icon with an orange background, showing the first step of custom background design that is uploading a photo.

Upload any background image of your choice

Second step of custom background design in custom QR code is smooth merger of QR code with background image.

Seamlessly merge QR codes with background images

Third step involves adjusting and positioning QR code on custom background, emphasizing clarity in design of customized QR.

Resize and position the QR Code

Selecting color and pattern for eye and data of custom QR code is the final step of Custom Background Design creation.

Edit eye and data pattern

See Custom Background Design QR Codes in action

  • Example showing Festival of Wine event Poster as background for a QR code in Custom Background Design for better promotion.
  • Example of custom QR code with a yellow poster background for mobile recharges, featuring a smiling person using a phone.
  • Example of a customized QR code with a photography-themed background for learning basics, featuring a person with a camera.

AI-Generated Design BETA

Create AI-Generated QR Codes and take your branding game to a whole new level

Prompt box for AI-generated QR, directing users to enter detailed prompts to get the desired background image for custom qr.

Enter a descriptive prompt to get the image you need

An adjustment slider for personalised QR code weight to balance the emphasis between the AI-generated image and the QR code.

Adjust QR Code weight based on preference for emphasizing either the AI-generated image or QR Code

Clock icon indicating users can easily access previously Ai-generated customized QR codes, facilitating creative promotions.

Access previously generated designs easily

See AI-Generated Design QR Codes in action

Example of AI-generated customized QR code by Scanova, showing a man and his dogs by a river with mountains and trees.

Prompt: An employee working at his office. The workdesk should have a laptop, coffee, notepad, and a pen

Example of AI-generated customized QR code by Scanova, showing an employee at his desk with a laptop, coffee, and notepad.

Prompt: A serene landscape featuring a man, along with his dogs, standing by a picturesque river with majestic mountains in the background and lush trees surrounding him. 

Example of AI-generated custom QR code by Scanova, showing an astronaut in sky with reflective helmet in Renaissance-style.

Prompt: Renaissance-style portrait of an astronaut in space, starry background, reflective helmet

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