You know what a business card is. It has business information about you or your company.

Now this is what a traditional paper business card looks like:

digital business card: business card

Say you meet someone at a business meeting and hand out this card. Now you want them to save you as a contact on their phones. And of course—connect with you later.

But there’s a problem. The recipient of the visiting card will need to pull out her phone, open contacts, tediously type your contact details, and finally save you as contact.

You know what’s going to happen? 90% cases—your card is going to end up in trash. Why? Because no one will make the effort.

You need to make the process easy for the people you want to connect with. You need to convert your boring business card into a Digital Business Card.

What is a Digital Business Card?

A Digital Business Card is a QR Code linked to a profile page with all your contact details. You can create it with an app or a website such as Scanova.

A Digital Business Card makes it easier to create, view, and share your contact information. It shows contact information similar to a paper-based business card.

But it has an advantage over paper-based business cards—it helps you network better.

How is a Digital Business Card helpful?

As discussed earlier, traditional business cards need people to tediously type details to save you as contact.

A Digital Business Card or Vcard (Virtual Card) eliminates the need of manual typing. As people view it on their phones, it prompts them to save you as contact with a single click. That simple!

All that you need to do is—create a Vcard QR Code. This QR Code, when scanned, brings your contact information on viewer’s phone.

What you need to know here is—there are two types of Vcard QR Codes:

1. Dynamic Vcard QR Code

Dynamic Vcard is both editable and trackable in nature. This means you can make changes in the encoded information anytime, without changing the QR Code.

And you can also monitor the scanning activity of a dynamic Vcard QR Code.

This QR Code, when scanned, shows end-users a button to save you as a contact.

To create a Dynamic Vcard QR Code, visit here.

2. Simple Vcard QR Code

Static Vcard is permanent and non-trackable in nature. This means you cannot change the information encoded in the QR Code once it has been created.

Also, it encodes your contact information within the QR Code itself.

When someone scans this QR Code, scanning device gets a prompt to save you as a contact.

To create Static Vcard QR Codes in bulk for your employee visiting cards, read this guide.

How to create a Digital Business Card/ Vcard QR Code?

You’ll need an online QR Code generator to create a Vcard QR Code.

Using Scanova for demo, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Digital Business Card:

a. Go to Scanova and sign-up for a 14-day free trial

b. Select Vcard Profile or Simple Vcard from QR Code categories (Note that Vcard profile is dynamic and Simple Vcard is static in nature)

c. Enter your contact details and click Create QR Code

digital business card: webscreen

d. A pop-up will appear prompting you to name the QR Code. Enter the name and click Save

e. Next, you’ll see three QR Code designs on your screen—standard black-and-white, custom with logo, and custom with background. Proceed with either of them

digital business card: QR Code designs

Note that a customised QR Codes attracts more scans than plain black-and-white ones. If you want maximum people to scan your QR Code, add design to it.

f. Once your QR Code is ready, say after you design it, click Download

That’s it. Your Digital Business Card/Vcard QR Code will be downloaded.

Open the file and test it to check if it works alright.

Where to use Digital Business Card?

Once you create a Digital Business Card, next question is—how will you use it? You can:

A. Add it to your paper-based business card

If you love physical cards but also want to take advantage of an electronic card, you can use them together.

digital business card: paper business card

Simply add Vcard QR Code to paper-based business card. People can then easily scan this QR Code and save you as contact on their smartphones.

B. Add it to your conference material

Say you’re going to conduct a workshop, conference or any formal meet-up. You can easily add your Vcard QR Code to the material that you’ll present to your audience.

It can be anything like a powerpoint presentation or a poster.

C. Display it on your mobile screen

Say you’re at a formal meet-up and run out of business cards.

What you can then do is—display your Vcard QR Code on your phone. People you meet can scan it to immediately add you as a contact.

That it. That’s all you need to know before getting started with a Digital Business Card.

A Digital Business Card makes it simpler for people to add you as a contact and helps you network better.

Create a Digital Business Card

Generate an attractive Vcard with your detailed contact information
CTA scanova blog

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