If you are on the lookout for a free QR Code generator in 2024, you will find a variety of options.

But the dilemma comes when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs, especially business, and marketing.

So how do you choose the best free QR Code generator? What do you need to know to make the right choice?

Fret not! You have come to the right place to know everything about the same.

So let’s get started!

A. Things to consider while choosing a free QR Code generator

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Choosing a free QR Code generator requires careful planning and consideration. This is necessary to ensure it meets user needs and operates efficiently. 

Here are some important factors to consider.

1. Ease of use

The generator should be user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise to create QR Codes. An intuitive interface with clear instructions can help users of all levels.

2. Customization options

Users should have the ability to customize QR Codes to meet their specific needs. This includes options for changing colors, adding logos or images, and adjusting the QR Code’s size.

3. QR Code types

Different QR Code types exist for various purposes (URLs, text, Wi-Fi credentials, contact information, etc.). Ensure that your generator supports a wide range of QR Code types to cater to your specific needs.

4. Data input

A free QR Code generator should make it easy for users to input the data they want. It should provide input fields for text, URLs, or other relevant data, and validate the input to prevent errors.

5. Output formats

It should offer users the ability to download QR Codes in various formats, such as PNG, SVG, or PDF, to accommodate different use cases and platforms.

6. QR Code resolution

Allow users to choose the resolution or size of their QR code. Smaller QR Codes may be suitable for business cards, while larger ones are needed for posters or billboards.

7. Mobile compatibility

Ensure that the QR Codes generated by your tool are easily scannable using common QR Code scanning apps on smartphones and tablets.

8. Privacy and security

Implement measures to protect user data and ensure that any sensitive information (such as contact details) is handled securely. Additionally, consider providing an option for users to generate QR codes without logging in or sharing personal information.

9. Support and documentation

Offer clear documentation and support channels (e.g., FAQs, chat support, email) to assist users in case they encounter issues or have questions.

B. Top free QR Code Generators 2024

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1. Scanova

Scanova's QR Code Generator: The best free QR Code generator 2023

Scanova’s QR Code Generator is one of the best QR Code generators to use in 2024.

Scanova’s website is quite comprehensive and easy to use, which shouldn’t be a problem for first-time users. 

It offers a 14-day free trial for users. Additionally, you have 16 types of QR Codes to create at your disposal, even with a free trial.

What’s more is that you can create dynamic QR Codes even in the free trial, which most other brands don’t offer. You also get the option to customize your QR Code with colors, logos, frames, designs, etc.

Not only this, but you also get a dashboard to manage all your created QR Codes. You can even download the QR Codes in various high-resolution formats.

To top it all off, they have a very responsive and reliant customer support team. They answer all your queries and concerns related to QR Code creation, paid plans, and much more.

It is a well-rounded QR Code generator solution that you could definitely use.

Tap here to know more about it. 

2. QR Code Tiger

QR Code Tiger is another solution that could be looked into. It is an online QR Code generator for individuals and businesses. 

Its free trial offers the creation of 3 dynamic QR Codes. The downsides to using the free trial version include QR Tiger logo popup, and scan limits on your dynamic QR Codes. 

3. QR Code Generator

QR Code generator is another online QR Code generator for consideration. 

To begin with, the website boasts user-friendly navigation and functionality. It comprehensively addresses the queries that newcomers to QR Codes may have. Similar to the previous solution, it provides customization features directly on the site, enabling you to incorporate a logo and obtain a static QR Code. 

The dashboard permits the creation of dynamic QR Codes and their organization into folders. Moreover, it presents data on QR Code scans, breaking down the information by cities and devices.

Nonetheless, the reviews for QR Code Generator are less than favorable, with a G2 rating of 3.0/5. The majority of reviews express dissatisfaction with updates lacking proper communication and the overall absence of adequate support.

4. QR Stuff

QR Stuff is an online QR Code solution offering easy QR Code creation to its users. 

You can create an unlimited number of QR Codes, but the scan numbers are capped and are limited. You get the option to add your logo and edit the QR Codes, but the functionalities are quite limited.

Also, the option to download QR Codes in high resolution is limited. 

5. QR Code monkey

QR Code Monkey offers a free-of-charge service, allowing you to swiftly generate and download your desired QR Code directly from their website. 

Similar to QR-code-generator.com, by subscribing to premium plans, you gain the ability to produce dynamic QR Codes, categorize them within folders, and access basic performance analytics on their dashboard.

It’s worth noting that QR Code Monkey has been acquired by Egoditor, the company behind qr-code-generator.com. 

Consequently, when you opt for a trial or a paid subscription to QR Code Monkey, you will be redirected to the qr-code-generator.com platform.

6. Canva

If you think that Canva is just used for creating artistic designs and templates, think again.

Canva’s QR Code generator has some handy features that could be useful for you. For starters, you can create a QR Code for your URL. Furthermore, you can even customize the QR Code by changing the text, colors, graphics, and font size.

Canva also lets you add your icon or the business logo. You can download the QR Code in several formats to get high-quality prints.

However, it does have limitations. It does not offer a dynamic QR Code and lacks other functionalities that other competitors offer.

C. How to use the best free QR Code generator 2024

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If you’re looking to create a QR Code for free in 2024, you can do so using Scanova

Worried about how to get started?

Here’s a simple guide for you!


– Open your preferred browser and go to Scanova

-Once you’re on the QR Code generator website, click on Create Your Free QR Code button.

-You’ll be redirected to the Free QR Code Generator page. Here you’ll find atleast 16 different type of static QR Codes at your disposal.

And the best part is, you are not even required to sign up.

You’ll encounter a range of QR Code types to pick from, including URL, text, contact details, Wi-Fi credentials, and more.

-To create a free QR Code, select the appropriate type that matches the information you wish to encode.

-Enter the relevant data into the designated fields. For instance, if you’re generating a URL QR Code for free, paste the URL of the website you want the QR Code to direct users to.

-You can use the customization features to make your QR Code visually distinct. You can alter the color scheme, modify the shape, and even incorporate a logo at the center of the QR Code.

Note that in order to access the customization options or make dynamic QR Codes, you’ll need to sign up.

-After entering your data and customizing the QR Code, click the “Download” button. The website will process your information and present you with the final QR Code.

-Before deploying the QR Code publicly, it’s essential to conduct a thorough test. Use various QR Code scanning apps on different smartphones to ensure it scans accurately.

Testing helps prevent potential issues and ensures a seamless user experience.

Creating a free QR Code is a straightforward process with the assistance of online tools like Scanova.

While customizing the QR Code can enhance its visual appeal, comprehensive testing is crucial to ensure its proper functionality.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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D. Best practices for using QR Codes

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QR Codes (Quick Response codes) can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Here are some best practices for using QR Codes effectively and safely:

1. Provide value

Ensure that the QR Code content provides genuine value to the user. Common uses include links to websites, access to discounts or promotions, product information, etc. Avoid using QR Codes for trivial or irrelevant purposes.

2. Test scanability

Always test QR Codes to ensure they are scannable by various scanning apps and devices. Make sure they are of an appropriate size and have sufficient contrast with their background.

3. Error correction

Choose an appropriate error correction level for your QR Codes. Higher levels provide better error correction but result in larger QR Codes. Consider the level of error correction necessary for the intended use.

4. Design and branding

While QR Codes are functional, you can still customize their appearance to some extent. Incorporate your brand colors or logo, but ensure that the QR Code’s essential elements remain clear and unobstructed for scanning.

5. Avoid distortion

Avoid stretching or distorting QR Codes, as it can render them unreadable. Maintain the square aspect ratio when resizing.

6. Provide context

When using QR Codes, add a brief explanation of what the user will get by scanning the code. This helps build trust and increases the likelihood of engagement.

7. Optimize for mobile

Recognize that QR Codes are often scanned using smartphones. Ensure the linked content is mobile-friendly, responsive, and easily readable on small screens.

8. Check for malicious content

Be cautious when scanning QR Codes from unknown or unverified sources, especially if they lead to downloads or requests for personal information. QR Codes can be used maliciously, so exercise caution.

9. Regularly update content

If the linked content will change over time (e.g., for promotions or event details), make sure to update the QR Code accordingly. Broken or outdated links can frustrate users.

10. Tracking and analytics

If using QR Codes for marketing or business purposes, consider implementing tracking and analytics to monitor their performance. This can provide insights into user engagement and help refine your strategies.

11. Legal compliance

Ensure that your use of QR Codes complies with relevant laws and regulations, such as data privacy laws and intellectual property rights.

12. Regular maintenance

If you are responsible for managing QR Codes, regularly review and update them to ensure they remain relevant and functional.

13. Educate users

Educate your audience on how to use QR Codes, especially if they need to become more familiar with the technology. Provide instructions or links to QR Code scanner apps if necessary.

E. What should you choose – free or paid QR Code generator

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The response to this query varies according to your specific marketing needs and financial resources.

Free QR Code generators are better suited for casual and occasional use. A free QR Code generator may be sufficient if your requirements are simple and you don’t require extensive customization, analytics, or support.

Nonetheless, if you need to use QR Codes in extensive marketing campaigns or for substantial sales endeavors, opting for a paid QR Code generator like Scanova can offer notable benefits and advantages.


FAQs: Free QR Code Generator 2023

1. What is a QR Code generator?

A QR Code generator is an online or software tool that allows you to create QR (Quick Response) Codes. These QR Codes can store various types of information, such as URLs, text, contact details, or Wi-Fi credentials.

2. Are free QR Code generators safe to use?

Generally, yes. Most reputable free QR Code generators are safe to use. However, exercise caution when using QR Codes from unknown or untrusted sources. They can potentially lead to malicious websites or content.

3. Can I customize the appearance of QR Codes generated for free?

Yes, many free QR Code generators offer limited customization options. You can typically change the color of the QR Code and sometimes add a logo or image to the center. However, extensive customization options may be available in paid versions.

4. What types of QR Codes can I generate for free?

Free QR Code generators usually support various types of QR Codes. These include Website URLs, plain text, contact information (vCards), Wi-Fi network credentials, and more.

5. Do I need to register or provide personal information to use a free QR Code generator?

It depends on the specific generator. Some may require registration or personal information, while others allow you to create QR Codes without such requirements. Be sure to read the generator’s terms and privacy policy.

6. Can I use a free QR Code generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use free QR Code generators for commercial purposes, but be aware of any limitations or restrictions that may apply. Some free generators may have usage limits or watermarks on generated QR Codes.

7. Are there limitations to free QR Code generators compared to paid versions?

Yes, free QR Code generators often come with limitations such as fewer customization options, limited analytics, and lower levels of support. Paid versions may offer advanced features and remove these limitations.

8. How do I test if a QR Code works before printing it?

You can test a QR Code by using your phone’s camera, and a QR Code scanner app on your smartphone. Simply scan the QR Code, and it should open the associated content or link.

9. Can I resize a QR Code generated for free?

Yes, you can typically resize a QR Code generated for free, but avoid distorting its aspect ratio, as this can make it difficult to scan. Maintaining the square shape is essential.

10. Are there any legal considerations when using QR Codes?

Yes, there may be legal considerations, such as copyright and data privacy laws, depending on how you use QR Codes. Always ensure that your use of QR Codes complies with relevant regulations.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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Summing Up

A free QR Code generator can be an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications. 

It offers the convenience of generating QR Codes quickly and easily. You can do all this without the need for extensive technical knowledge or a substantial budget.

If you’re still reading, you’ve learned everything about the free QR Code generator 2024. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading our blog, and we wish you all the best in your QR Code adventures!

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