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You use QR Codes in your promotional campaigns or the campaigns of your clients. So having a good QR Code Generator is a key asset to your business.

But with many QR Code Generators on the web, basic and professional, how do you choose which one is right for you?

This post has two sections – Features of a QR Code Generator and Comparison Chart. This will make it easy to choose the best QR Code Generator for your business.

10 Must-have features in a QR Code Generator

A good tool is one that makes your work easy. It either saves you time or money. It’s not just about getting the job done. It’s also about how quick you can get it done. Or how cost-effective it is. Follow this thumb rule:

Keeping this in mind, a good QR Code Generator should be able to:

1. Generate Dynamic QR Codes

There are two types of QR Codes – static and dynamic. Dynamic QR Codes allow you to edit the web page address anytime you want without the need to reprint the QR Code. One day you can lead your consumers to your Facebook Page and the next day to a Youtube video.

As a marketer, you need this flexibility in your campaigns. You don’t want to be stuck with a QR Code on a product that leads to page you don’t want.

2. Track scanning activity

If you are not analyzing your marketing campaigns then you are not optimizing.

Does your generator tell you exactly how many people scanned your code? From where they scanned? What device were they using?

I’ll tell you why this is important.

Say you learn that majority users are scanning the QR Code from a specific city. This is where your target audience is. You can increase your marketing budget for this region to gain more conversion. Do you know how valuable this information is? A lot.

3. Design QR Codes to attract more scans

Have you ever scanned the barcode on a Coke can that you just bought? No. Why would you?

Then why should anybody scan a dull black-and-white QR Code on your promotions?

You need to make your QR Code stand out. It should scream to your audience that this is a point of engagement.

You can do this by making your codes colorful and personalized to your brand. This can possible if your generator has advanced QR Code designing capabilities.

If you often design QR Codes, does your generator allow you to save your designs as templates?

Here are examples of designer QR Codes that were created using a QR Code Generator:

best qr code generator 2016

(QR Code designs created using the online QR Code Generator Scanova)

4. Create the type of QR Code you need

There are categories of QR Codes depending on what information you want to share.

For example, a Webpage QR Code leads you to a website whereas a Text QR Code lets you read a simple text message.

Does your generator allow you to create the QR Code you need? Did you know that there as many as 23 QR Code categories to choose from?

5. Export vector formats of the QR Code image

QR Code makes most sense when put up on print media. To print a high-resolution QR Code image, you will need it in vector format (SVG, EPS, PS, or PDF).

In case you want to edit the design in Illustrator or Photoshop then also you need vector.

So make sure your generator exports vector images of QR Codes. And not only of black-and-white codes but designer codes as well.

6. Add error correction to QR Codes

Error correction is useful if you are adding an image to your QR Code or if it is vulnerable to wear and tear.

Error correction ensures that your QR Code remains scannable even if it is a little damaged.

(Tip for Scanova Users: Scanova uses complex image processing and machine learning algorithms to generate scannable QR Codes only.)

7. Keep QR Codes and landing pages ad-free

Many QR Code Generators will allow you to create QR Codes for free.

What they will not tell you is that they will add mobile ads to your landing pages. This affects user experience of your audience and can decrease conversion rate.

Choose a QR Code Generator that keeps landing pages ad-free.

8. Organize QR Codes in Campaigns

This is useful if you run many campaigns and create many QR Codes.

Campaign Management allows you to organize and manage QR codes in a systematic way.

For example: Deactivate an entire campaign in one go instead of deactivating 20 QR Codes one by one.

9. Has flexible payment options

The biggest advantage of a web-app over licensed software is flexibility. You can subscribe to the software only when you need it.

But many generators will not give you this flexibility and ask you to subscribe for a at least a year.

10. Not put a limit on number of scans

Do you know if your campaign is going to be successful or not?

Often, QR Code generators will put a limit on the number of scans you get in your subscription plan.

How do you choose a plan if you are not sure how many scans you will get? What happens if you exceed the limit? Does the QR Code stop?

The design of subscription plans should be based on number of QR Codes and not on number of scans.

Which is the best QR Code Generator in the market?

We created a comparison chart of the top QR Code Generators available on the web in 2016. This will help you select the best one for your business.

Best QR Code Generator Comparison Chart


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