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This Data Processing Agreement (the “DPA”) constitutes a legally binding agreement between You and Us. You are required to read this DPA carefully as this DPA forms an integral part of the terms of use available at (the “Terms") and is applicable where We are the Processors of Your Personal Data.

Scope and Responsibilities:
  • This DPA applies to Processing of Personal Data forming part of the Customer Data.
  • We shall Process Personal Data on Your behalf and in accordance with this DPA.
  • Each party shall be responsible for complying with its respective obligations as Controller and Processor under Data Protection Laws.
Term and Termination:
  • This DPA becomes effective upon subscribing to the Service(s) and terminates automatically when We cease Processing Personal Data.
Processing Instructions:
  • We will Process Personal Data in accordance with Your instructions, and any changes must be communicated through an amendment to this DPA.
Processor Personnel:
  • We will restrict personnel from Processing Personal Data without authorization and impose relevant confidentiality and data protection obligations on them.
Disclosure to Third Parties and Data Subject Rights:
  • We will not disclose Personal Data to any government agency, court, or law enforcement without Your written consent, except as required by law.
  • We will provide reasonable assistance if You receive requests from Data Subjects related to Personal Data Processing.
Technical and Organizational Measures:
  • We will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect Personal Data against breaches.
Assistance with Data Protection Impact Assessment:
  • We shall provide information and assistance for Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) upon Your request.
Information Rights and Audit:
  • We shall make necessary information available to You to demonstrate compliance with Data Protection Laws.
  • You may conduct audits of Our Processing of Personal Data with reasonable notice.
Personal Data Breach Notification:
  • We shall notify You of any Personal Data Breach without undue delay, and You are responsible for informing the supervisory authority.
  • We may engage sub-processors with Your consent, and We shall impose obligations on them similar to those in this DPA.
  • We remain fully liable for sub-processors' compliance with data protection obligations.
International Data Transfers:
  • Personal Data transfers to countries outside the EU/EEA/UK/Switzerland shall be subject to appropriate Standard Contractual Clauses.
Deletion or Return of Personal Data:
  • Upon termination, We may delete Customer Data, including Personal Data, unless required by law.
CCPA Undertaking:
  • We will not sell, retain, use, or disclose Personal Information of Consumers for purposes other than providing the Service(s) to You.
For more detailed information regarding Data Processing Agreement, refer to Trycon’s Data Processing Agreement.
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