Enterprise Features

Get advanced features to propel your QR Code campaigns with Scanova's enterprise QR Code Generator

Features your enterprise needs

Scanova is the easiest way enterprises can deploy and manage large-scale QR Code campaigns

Visual depicting user choosing the number of QR Codes as per their choice.

Tiered QR Codes

Choose the number of QR Codes you require

Screenshot depicting Scanova's Enterprise Price Calculator.

Custom Plans

Build your plan as per the features you require. Get transparent pricing using our enterprise price calculator.

Visual depicting a user generating, updating, and downloading Dynamic QR Codes in batches.

Bulk QR Code Generation

Generate, update, and download Dynamic QR Codes in batches (up to 500 codes at a time)

Screen displaying a personalized page with custom sub-domain.

Custom Sub-domains

Replace Dynamic URLs with your personalised sub-domains for branding purposes. Add as many custom domains as you require. You can use the QR Codes as long as you own the domain encoded in the QR Code

Visual depicting team member assigning roles (Viewer, Admin, and Analyst) to manage access control.

Team Collaboration

Add as many team members as required and manage their permissions at a granular level

Screenshot showcasing Scanova's tag-based control feature.

Tag-based Access Control

Restrict invited users' access based on tags, ensuring precise control over your work

Visual depicting a person choosing user roles or creating new ones.

Custom User Roles

Either use default user roles (Viewer, Manager, Administrator, Analyst, Billing Manager) or create tailored user roles with specific permissions—such as the ability to edit, view, or manage—as per their needs

GDPR compliance badge.

Compliance Management

Ensure the highest data security and insurance compliance with ease. Meet GDPR and other compliances with customization of account features.

Person uploading video(s) to a landing page.

Video Integration

Upload your videos directly on landing pages to enhance engagement

Visual depicting person logging in via Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Enforce and monitor MFA to enhance account security. Set up an additional layer of security via email OTP or authenticator app OTP.

Visual depicting the process of Single Sign-on (SSO).

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Skip the need to log in again and again. Access your Scanova account securely with your company's authentication system.

Scanova's dedicated relationship manager provide support via chat, email, and phone.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Benefit from a dedicated manager for personalized support—in addition to regular support via chat, email, and phone

Visual depicting a person using Scanova's custom script feature.

Custom Scripts

Add custom scripts to landing pages created using Scanova CMS via external URLs or script editor. Get additional flexibility to design landing pages as per requirements.

Manage users and tasks easily with Scanova's API feature.


APIs streamline QR Code generation, user management, and task automation—enhancing efficiency and data integration.

Scanova's customer support executive providing dedicated assistance.

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