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Designed to incorporate a clear background

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Using Transparent QR Code for different use cases 1
Using Transparent QR Code for different use cases 2
Using Transparent QR Code for different use cases 3

Create a Transparent QR Code in just 2 minutes

Follow 3 simple steps to create a QR Code with transparent background

Icon depicting transparent QR Code generation.

Create QR Code

Choose a QR Code type, add required content (like website URL), and create QR Code
Visual depicting the action of editing and downloading the QR Code.

Edit Design & Download

Edit QR Code design to remove the background and export the Transparent QR Code image
Visual depicting the action of adding the Transparent QR Code to creatives.

Add to Creative

Import and add the QR Code image on your design creative in an image editor tool

Transparent Background QR Code features

QR Codes with transparent backgrounds easily integrate into designs, making your marketing materials stand out

Integrate Transparent QR Codes easily into your creatives.

Smooth Integration

Transparent Background QR Codes help retain the visual appeal of designs as these QR Codes merge easily with their environment

Personalize transparent background QR Codes as per your brand.


Personalizing QR Codes with a transparent background makes your marketing materials stand out and enhances brand recognition

Diverse Use Cases

Diverse Use Cases

QR Codes without a background can be used in several applications like marketing materials, product packaging, business cards, and more

Best practices to follow with Transparent Background QR Code

Follow these best practices to ensure scannability and accessibility

Always maintain a high contrast between the Transparent QR Code and the background it's placed on.

Check Contrast

Ensure high contrast between the Transparent QR Code and the background it’ll be placed on. The background should be light if the QR Code is dark and vice versa.

Always download Transparent QR Codes in high-resolution for print creatives—best formats include PDF, SVG, and EPS.

Download in High-resolution

Always export a high-resolution image of the QR Code for print media creatives. Some best formats include PDF, SVG, and EPS. These formats ensure that the QR Code is never pixelated and scans perfectly, despite resizing.

Ensure that the Dynamic QR Code is placed at a location where it's easily scannable.

Right Placement

Position the QR Code in places where it’s accessible to the audience. For example, never add a QR Code to a poster on a bus as no one will run after the vehicle to scan the code. It's better to place it inside the bus, where people would be comfortably seated to scan the code.

Visual depicting that the QR Code should be large enough to be scannable.

Ensure Optimal Size

Make sure the QR Code is of the right size depending on how far it is going to be from the audience. Ideally, the ratio of scanning distance (between the QR Code and end-user) to the QR Code size should be 10:1.

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