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Create a QR Code Frame easily

Follow 3 simple steps to create a QR Code Frame

Visual depicting the action of choosing QR Code type and entering required content.

Enter Content & Create QR Code

Choose a QR Code type and add required content (website URL, text, contact info) and simply click on Create QR Code
Add frame to your QR Codes.

Add Frame Design & Customize

Click on Edit Design and choose from a wide variety of QR Code Frames. Change the frame color and QR Code background color for branding purposes.
Downward arrow icon depicting the action of downloading a QR Code.

Check & Download

Verify the functionality of your Frame QR Code by scanning and testing it. Finally, download the result in the required format.

Frame-tastic: Frame QR Code Features

Make your QR Codes stand out by adding frames.

Elevated Visual Appeal

Scanova offers a range of decorative frames that enclose your QR Codes to make them stand out

Choose from a range of over 60 QR Code frames.

Creative Design Options

60+ QR Code frames for every use case. Whether it's a professional setting or a playful project, find the perfect frame to enhance visual impact.

With Scanova's Customized QR Code Generator you can add colors and frames to enhance branding.


You can edit the frame color and QR Code background color to enhance brand recognition

QR Code frames can be downloaded in different sizes and formats, making it adaptable for both print and digital media.


QR Code frames can be generated in various sizes and formats, making them adaptable to different print materials and digital media

Boost conversions by adding frames and a clear CTA.

Boost User Engagement

A frame design can include a CTA text or graphic, offering clear guidance to the user and prompting them to scan the code

Best practices to follow with QR Code Frame

Make sure that there's a strong contrast between the QR Code and it's background.

Sufficient contrast

Ensure there is enough contrast between the QR Code, background, and frame. This improves the QR Code's scannability.

QR Code should be large enough to improve scannability.

Size consideration

The QR Code should be large enough to be scannable and draw attention. The frame should be proportionate to the size of the QR Code and the overall design.

Include branding elements like logo and colors in your QR Codes.

Branding integration

Incorporate your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo into the frame design. Ensure that these branding elements don't overshadow the QR Code itself.

Separate QR Code from other design elements by adding whitespace.

Include whitespace

Use whitespace effectively to separate the QR Code from other design elements. This enhances clarity and prevents a cluttered look.

Always add a CTA to guide users.

Add a call-to-action

Include a clear call-to-action near the QR Code to instruct users on what to do. This can increase the likelihood of engagement.

Frame the future

Discover the art of branding with QR Code frames

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