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Up your QR game with Scanova's cutting-edge QR Code features

Create dynamic and customized QR Codes for special events.

Dynamic QR Codes

Take complete control of your campaigns with Scanova's Dynamic QR codes

  • Flexible content editing
  • Track scanning activity
  • Custom URLS
  • Activate/deactivate QR Code automatically
  • Tailored mobile landing pages
  • Add password protection
  • Lead generation

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Generate QR Codes with logos, frames, images, and more.

Custom QR Codes

Attract more scans from your target audience by creating personalized QR Codes with ease

  • Choose from multiple design options
  • Add logos, images, and frames. Edit color, eye pattern, and data pattern.
  • Merge QR Code with background image
  • Create AI-generated QR Code design
  • Create transparent QR Codes
  • Use readymade templates
  • Save QR Code design as template
  • Add error correction

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Create trackable QR Codes with Scanova.

QR Code Tracking & Analytics

Get meaningful insights by tracking the scanning and engagement activity of your QR Codes

  • Track scans by day, date, and time
  • Track scans by geography (city, country)
  • Get tag, user, and category-level analytics
  • Track scans by exact GPS location
  • Track scans by device information
  • Get post-scan user activity via Event Tracking
  • Export scans data and generate automatic reports
  • Integrate with other tools

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Engage your audience like never before with Location QR Codes, Audio QR Codes, Social Media QR Code, Website QR Code, Document QR Code, and more.

Engaging QR Code Content

Generate different types of QR Codes based on linked content or desired action

  • Link to website, video, app, or social media pages
  • Link to map location
  • Host and link documents, images, video, and audio files
  • Share contact information easily with digital business cards
  • Create and link to custom-designed pages

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Create customized mobile landing pages with Scanova's best QR Code Generator.

Mobile Landing Pages

Create, design, host, and link mobile-optimized landing pages for your QR Codes in just a few minutes, that too without a developer

  • Design customized product pages
  • Make page for weddings and other events
  • Generate coupon/promotions page
  • Create and link user manuals
  • Design custom pages as per your needs

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Export your Static or Dynamic QR Codes as high-resolution images in a format of your choice.

High-resolution QR Codes

Export QR Code images in high-resolution raster or vector formats in the size you need

  • Export in popular raster formats—PNG and JPEG
  • Export in popular vector formats—SVG, EPS, PS, and PDF
  • Export in the exact dimensions you need in inches, cm, mm, or pixels
  • Ensure high scannability

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Use Scanova's Dynamic QR Codes for lead generation.

Lead Generation

Build lead lists by capturing contact information of people who scan the QR Codes

  • Capture contact information and other user details
  • Customize lead forms
  • Export leads data in CSV/Excel format
  • Get lead analytics
  • Integrate lead acquisition with other tools
  • Activate/deactivate lead generation anytime

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Make the most of Scanova's enterprise features like bulk generation, SSO, MFA, and tag-based access control.

Enterprise Features

Boost your QR Code campaigns with Scanova's advanced features

  • Create as many QR Codes as you need
  • Create a custom plan according to the features you will use
  • Generate, update, and download Dynamic QR Codes in bulk
  • Replace Dynamic URLs with your sub-domains
  • Add teammates to manage the account
  • Create custom user roles with selective permissions and assign to invited users
  • Restrict invited users' access based on tags
  • Manage compliance—data security and insurance
  • Enforce and monitor Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • With Single Sign-on (SSO) securely access your company's Scanova account
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • White-labeled landing pages
  • Add custom scripts

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Gear visual indicating that user can programmatically manage QR Codes, tasks, and more via APIs.


Use APIs to manage your QR Codes, users, and other tasks programmatically

  • Create/delete/update QR Codes
  • Activate/deactivate a QR Code
  • Add/remove a user and manage their role
  • Fetch analytics of single/multiple QR Codes
  • Create and manage lead lists
  • Dedicated Sandbox environment for testing
  • Create multiple API keys simultaneously
  • Multiple security features: role-based access, auto-expiration, and more

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Bulk QR Code Generation

Need a large number of Static QR Codes quickly? Use these solutions.

QR Batch

Get up to 100,000 Static QR Codes via QR Batch


Integrate QR Code Generation within your information system/mobile app using QR API

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  • Michael Borell
    Michael Borell
    Director, Cryptocurrency Global Wealth

    If I want to create a real digital marketing message, Scanova would be the first tool that would come to my mind. This powerful tool can build endless communication design QR Codes from scratch in less than a few minutes. The platform is simple and effective in getting a direct message out there, globally. I highly recommend all small business owners and entrepreneurs to become a part of Scanova today.

  • Victor Armendariz
    Victor Armendariz
    Records Manager, Miami Beach

    Scanova has helped secure our permit drawings and documents with the use of custom password-protected QR Codes. This process has eliminated the laborious task of perforating our documents, improving our efficiency with respect to the permitting process. I especially like the feature to track scans and the ability to integrate with Google Analytics. What impresses me the most is their quick response time for technical issues or questions.

  • Laura Maginess
    Laura Maginess
    Fake Bake

    We have just started working with Scanova and are already delighted with the easy-to-use interface and excellent customer service. The fact that we can add branding to our QR codes and they can be dynamic made us choose Scanova over other service providers. We are also looking forward to utilizing Scanova's campaign analysis tools.

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