Dynamic QR Codes

Create advanced QR Codes that are editable and trackable using the best Dynamic QR Code Generator

Gain control over your QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code allows you to manage what your customers see and track what they do

Visual depicting website being displayed on screen upon scanning. With Scanova, you can edit the content anytime.

Flexible Content Editing

Modify linked content as many times as needed and save printing expenses

Create trackable QR Codes with Scanova.

Dynamic QR Code Tracking

Monitor scan metrics by date, time, location, device, browser, and OS for informed decision-making. Learn More 

Customize the short URL as per your brand.

Custom URLs

Customize the short URL your audience sees when they scan a Dynamic QR Code. Learn More 

Visual depicting an activated and deactivated QR Code.

Campaign Control

Activate and deactivate QR Codes according to your campaign needs

Customized landing pages created using Scanova.

Tailored Mobile Landing Pages

Develop and link personalized mobile landing pages for targeted engagement. Learn More 

Visual depicting the action of entering a password before accessing an important document.

Enhanced Security

Incorporate password protection, ensuring secure sharing with authorized recipients

Visual depicting the act of capturing leads using Dynamic QR Codes.

Lead Generation

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to capture leads from QR Code scans. Learn More 

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