QR Codes on print media is a great way to engage potential customers. We have all used them.

Statistics show that increased smartphone penetration and access to high-speed internet have lead to a surge in the use of QR Codes.

But did you know how many types of QR Codes you can create? Well, the answer is—31 types of QR Codes that can help you with customer engagement.

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Be it driving traffic to your website or getting more followers on social media. These 2D barcodes have a lot to offer.

The big question is:


Based on what you want them to do, there are 31 different types of QR Codes you can create.

Here is a list of 31 actions that you can get your audience to take:

1. See a webpage

A Website URL QR Code is one of the most common types of QR Codes.

By creating a website QR Code, you can drive traffic to your website. Just enter the page URL and create your QR Code.

As people scan it, they will be taken to visit the encoded page.

Hence, your target audience will not have to type the website manually on their mobile browser. This will save their time and effort.

You simply need to create a QR Code. And print it on promotional material such as flyers, brouchers, and posters.

Here’s how you can create Website QR Code.

example qr code types

2. Give the audience multiple links to be redirected to

Now you know QR Codes can help you drive traffic to your website. But what if you want to encode multiple URLs in a single QR Code?  This is where a Multi-URL QR Code can help you.

When scanned, end-users will be redirected to a landing page with all the encoded web links and buttons. They can then select the one they’d like to be redirected to. 

This is very useful for multi-lingual websites. In addition, it also comes in handy for campaigns where you would like to take end-users to visit your products page, about page, and contact page.

3. View your location on Google Maps

Say you want to share your exact location with your visitors. Or you’ve organized a party and want to share the venue location with guests. Then create a Google Maps QR Code is what you need.

Search for a location or enter map coordinates and generate your QR Code. Whoever scans this QR Code will be able to see your exact location.

This will eliminate the risk of your guests going to a wrong location. Plus, they will also have no difficulty in tracing the exact venue.

So, with Google Map QR Code, you can optimize your invitation card by providing exact location.

This is how you can create a Maps QR Code.

example qr code types

4. See your complete profile with downloadable contact details

You can create a personal page with all your contact information and share it with people.

All they need to do is—scan the Dynamic Vcard QR Code from your business card.

They can also save you as a contact on their smartphones. Create a Dynamic Vcard QR Code now.

example qr code types

Many people now use this QR Code on their business cards. This helps people save their contacts easily without having to type the details manually.

With a QR Code on your business card, you can make it tech-savvy and modern. Plus, a custom-designed QR Code will also act as a point-of-engagement.

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5. Get access to all your social media pages

Most businesses have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is very difficult to focus on any one platform. So what do you do?

You create a Social Media QR Code that gives your audience access to all your social media links. It has links to all your social media accounts and end-users can follow you on their favorite platform.

You can simply create and print the QR Code on your promotional material. And write a help note—’Scan to follow’.

End users just need to scan to visit, follow, like, or subscribe to your account.

example qr code types

6. See a PDF

You can also show an entire PDF to your target audience with a PDF QR Code. When scanned, the PDF will open in the browser of the scanning device. See how you can create a PDF QR Code.

example qr code types

You do not need to worry about how to share the soft copy of your PDF to large number of people. Simply link the PDF to a QR Code and print it.

Some applications where PDF QR Code can be used is in restaurant menu, resume, and powerpoint presentations.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

7. See a Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation is the official announcement of your wedding to your friends and family. So you might want to make the most of it. With a Wedding QR Code on your invitation card, you can:

a. Share Google Maps location of the venue with guests

b. Share your couple journey photos and videos

c. Get your guests to mark the event on their calendars

d. Help your guests RSVP with their smartphones

Types of QR Codes: wedding

8. See an event invitation

Just like a Wedding QR Code, you can also create an Event QR Code. This QR Code, when scanned, redirects guests to view event information such as venue location, event description, prospectus, or maybe some anecdotes on the event theme.

event invitation card

With event QR Code, you can link as much information you want to. Hence, you do not need to worry about limited space.

And say you are organising a large event. And you need to place QR Codes on different locations. For this you can use a bulk QR Code generator tool such as QR Batch.

For more information on this, you can refer to this detailed guide on event QR Code.

9. Get engaged with your product packaging

Thisis one of the most widely used types of QR Codes. Today a lot of brands offer similar products. As a marketer, it is necessary for you to differentiate yourselves from the competition by engaging your customers. You can add a QR Code on the packaging of your product to:

  • Provide your product’s detailed information to the buyers
  • Suggest a cooking recipe
  • Showcase your product range
  • Create awareness about your campaigns
  • Ask for customer’s feedback
types of qr codes: product  qr code

With QR Code on your product, you can make your product details utmost transparent. And also engage your customers better.

10. Image QR Code

For images such as product image, safety instructions, or to show an infographic on how to use the product, you can create an Image QR Code. Plus, you can also link a diagram, blueprint, or illustration of a book to this type of QR Code.

When scanned, the QR Code will open the image in a browser on the scanning device. Here’s a quick guide on how to create an Image QR Code.

11. Download your mobile application

If you want to give your potential users an easy way to download your mobile app, then create an App Store QR Code.

Even if your app is available on various app stores, you will only need a single QR Code. An iPhone user gets redirected to the App Store and an Android user to the Google Play store.

Your target audience will no longer have to type the link manually in their mobile browser and then download the app. They just need to scan the QR Code to get the link.

And as the task of downloading becomes effortless, your app downloads will get a hike.

An online QR Code generator such as Scanova can help you create an App Store QR Code.

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example qr code types

12. Land on a specific page within your mobile application

You can also redirect your end-users to a specific page within your mobile application using the App Deep Link QR Code. 

You simply need to enter the required page’s link in the required columns appropriately. It works for both iOS and Android.

In case, your end-users haven’t downloaded your app in the first place, it will take them to the app on the required app store.

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13. Listen to an audio file

For audio files like music, podcast, or audio tutorial, you can create an Audio QR Code.

Just upload the audio file of your choice and generate a QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will play the uploaded audio file on the scanning device. Create an Audio QR Code now.

example qr code types

Popular music apps such as Spotify also use QR Codes to help users share music easily. To know more about it, you can refer to this detailed guide.

14. Create mobile-optimized landing page

Let’s say you want to share a full page of text such as:

  • Terms & conditions
  • Safety instructions
  • Technical specifications
  • Description of an art piece
  • Side effect
  • Precautions to be taken

You will need a landing page with formatted text capabilities such as the Rich Text QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will open a page with content specified by you. Create a Rich Text QR Code online now.

example qr code types

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

15. Follow you on Instagram

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, you can simply create an Instagram QR code. This QR Code, when scanned, will redirect end-users to your Instagram profile.

Types of QR Codes: Instagram QR Code

Similar to app QR Code, target audience will be able to visit and follow your account effortlessly.

16. Get a coupon

For print promotional campaigns, you can share a mobile coupon with your target customers. When scanned, a Coupon QR Code will redirect to a mobile coupon landing page customized by you. See how to create a Coupon QR Code.

example qr code types

17. Send you payment via PayPal

You can receive payments for your products or services, via PayPal. It also includes donations. All you need is a PayPal QR Code.

For this, you just need to add your account email ID, product name, value, and currency. This will ensure that your customers have an easy option to send you a payment.

example qr code types

Payments via QR Code have become very popular today. They are easy, secure, and reliable.

Here is a detailed guide on QR Code-based payments.

18. Read a Word document

You can use QR Codes to share Word documents too. End-users simply need to scan this QR Code to view the document.

There are multiple ways to create a Word Document QR Code. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

types of QR Codes: word icon

19. Read important text

Say you want your customers to read some plain text such as:

  • Product information
  • Product code
  • Coupon code
  • Special message

All you need to do is create a Text QR Code. Simply enter the text and generate your QR Code.

example qr code types

And if you want to provide unique information on each product, then you will need QR Codes in bulk. For this, you need a professional bulk QR Code generator tool such as QR Batch.

20. Save you as a contact

If you think your business card is boring, create a Business Card QR Code and add it to your card. A Business Card QR Code allows people you meet to save your contact details on their smartphones.

Hence, your clients no longer need to type your phone number and then save it their phonebook. Upon scanning, they will be prompted to save you as a contact.

This is useful as most people lose the business cards they get. Read this guide to know how to create a Business Card QR Code.

example qr code types

21. Save your event on their smartphone calendar

You can remind your audience about an upcoming event if they scan your Calendar Event QR Code. Once scanned, your audience will be able to view and save the details event on their smartphones. See how to create Calendar Event QR Code.

example qr code types

With a Calendar QR Code, your audience will never be able to make the excuse that they forgot about the event.

22. Access your Wi-fi network

Your guests or employees can access your Wifi network by scanning a Wifi QR Code. All you need to do is:

Your guests will not have to type the password. And you will not have to reveal it publicly.

  • Specify your Wifi security protocol (WPA, WPA2, WEP)
  • Add your network name
  • Add your password

Android users will be able to connect to the network. iPhone users will be able to view this information on their screens.

example qr code types

23. Like your Facebook page

Trying to get potential customers to like your Facebook page? Create a Facebook Like QR Code. You just need to know your Facebook page URL.

Once scanned, this QR Code will lead your customer to your Facebook page where they can Like your page.

Note that it is not possible to Like your page just by scanning the QR Code as Facebook restricts this.

example qr code types

24. Watch a video

Create a video QR Code which, when scanned, redirect audience to watch a video. All that you need to do is a get a URL that links to your video and a QR Code generator. Then generate your video QR Code and use it as you want.

Types of QR Codes: video

For example, video QR Code can be used on construction and mining sites. Here, one can link training videos to provide on-the-spot training and eliminate risks.

25. Watch a video on Youtube

Create a Youtube QR Code to get people to see your video on Youtube from your print media promotions. All you need is the Youtube URL to the video. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a Youtube QR Code.

example qr code types

People just need to scan the QR Code to watch your video. Since the effort required is minimal, number of views on your video will definitely increase.

26. Tweet about you

An increase in the number of mentions by your audience on Twitter increases your social authority. Scanning your Twitter QR Code will generate a pre-loaded tweet on their smartphones. They just need to click on the Tweet button to post the Tweet. See how you can create a Twitter QR Code.

27. Dial your phone number

A potential customer can dial your phone number just by scanning your Contact QR Code. Create Contact QR Code now.

Phone QR Code

This type of QR Code is especially useful in emergency scenarios where quick action is required.

28. Send you an email

Your audience can send you an email by scanning an Email QR Code. The default email application opens with your email address in the recipient field. See how to create an Email QR Code.

QR Code for email

For example, you can use this QR Code on product packaging. Upon scanning, customers can send an email for any support inquiry.

29. Send you a text message

Looking to run an SMS incentive campaign? Want to build a mobile subscribers list? Make it easy for your audience to send you an SMS. When they scan your SMS QR Code, a pre-loaded SMS generates on their phones. They only need to click on Send.

Text message

30. Get your Bitcoin address

Create a QR Code for your Bitcoin address so that it is easy for your friends to send you Bitcoins. Here’s how to create a Bitcoin QR Code.

QR Code for bitcoin

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

People Scanning QR Code

31. See your LinkedIn Profile

You can add a LinkedIN QR Code on professional documents such as resume and business card.

linkedIn QR Code

When scanned, it will redirect the end-users to your LinkedIn profile.

This way, end users will be able to view and follow your profile effortlessly.

The app itself has a QR Code, which helps users to share their profile easily. To know more about it, here is a detailed guide on LinkedIn QR Codes.

That’s it. These are the different types of QR Codes you can create.

And in order to create these types of QR Codes flawlessly, you should follow some best practices. These are:

  1. If your use case is promotional, then you should add design to the QR Code. A custom-designed QR Code attracts 50-200% more scans as compared to a black-and-white one.

    In addition to this, you can also offer a custom QR Code with transparent background. As the name suggests, it means you can add this QR Code seamlessly to any design as per your wish. It eliminates the need to change the background color as per each design variant.
  2. Always add a CTA—call-to-action statement—with the QR Code. It is a helping note to guide end-users on what they really need to do. For example, a simple line such as ‘Scan to fill survey’ will do.
  3. Export QR Code in vector formats such as SVG and EPS. These are high-resolution images, which do not pixelate when scaled.
  4. Always test scan the QR Codes before putting them out for your audience.

By following these best practices, you can create any of the types of QR Codes like a pro.

If you want to create any of these types of QR Codes, you’d need a QR Code generator. And here’s how you can choose a QR Code Generator that best suits your requirements.

Note that if your use case is promotional, you must add design to your QR Codes. Custom designed QR Codes attract much more scans than plain black-and-white ones.

Infographic on Types of QR Codes

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