QR Code Lead Generation

Generate high-potential leads from print media for higher sales conversion

Scanova high resolution QR Code published for print and web in different sizes on
             billboards, pamphlets, coupons, laptops

Get Contact Information of Potential Customers

Prompt users to enter contact information before revealing QR Code content

Scanova lead generation landing page requesting contact details like name, email,
                     and phone number of leads


  • Use standard fields—name, email address, phone number
  • Add custom fields
  • Make fields required or optional
  • Add skip button

Customize leads page design

Design your own leads capture page to provide required information, match branding, and comply with regulations

Scanova lead generation landing page can be customized


  • Add header text
  • Add images
  • Add description boxes (such as privacy terms)

Build Leads Lists

Create and manage multiple leads lists as per campaign requirements


  • Create and edit unlimited lists
  • Assign a single list to multiple QR Codes
  • Export captured leads data in CSV/Excel format
List of leads with multiple actions like editing, download, and analytics made possible
                 with Scanova feature lead generation

Get Leads Analytics

View aggregate data on acquired leads to analyze success of campaigns


  • Leads acquired by time period
  • Leads conversion—acquired vs. skipped
  • Leads by source QR Code

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