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Features your enterprise needs

With Scanova's enterprise features, you can easily manage and deploy large-scale QR Code campaigns

Labels and Tags for QR codes


  • Add tags/labels to QR Codes
  • View QR Codes by tag combinations
  • View analytics by tags
Labels and Tags for QR codes


  • Add up to 20 teammates to manage company account
  • Provide permission-level based access to each user—Viewer, Manager, and Administrator
  • Available to Pro users only
White labeling powered by Scanova


  • Remove Scanova branding from landing pages
  • Customize Dynamic QR Code URLs to build trust
  • Available to Pro users only
Exact GPS Data
GPS location of QR code scan


  • Get exact GPS location of QR Code scan
  • End-user permission required
  • Available to Pro users only
Bulk QR Code Generation
Generate upto 100,000 Scanova QR Codes for bulk operations with enterprise feature


  • Generate upto 100,000 Static QR Codes via QR Batch tool
  • Create URL, Vcard, Text, Serial Code, and Random Code QR Codes
  • Export QR Code images or labels
QR Code API Generation
Generate QR Code in Bulk


  • Integrate Static QR Code generation in your own information system or mobile app
  • Generate upto 1 Million QR Codes per month
  • Create custom-designed Static QR Codes in your own application

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